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It depends on where you make your purchase. Although purchasing followers is not illegal in any way, Tiktok prohibits the use of false followers and bot accounts in its terms of service. Because of this, you should buy from a business like EpicFollowers that can guarantee legitimate followers before making a purchase.
Tiktok will sometimes remove spam-reported accounts. This results in a general decrease in Tiktok users’ follower numbers. It can affect our consumers, but other times it doesn’t. Within the first 30 days of your purchase, if your follower counts discounts, we will gladly replenish them at no additional cost.
All the followers given are from genuine, active Instagram profiles. Due to this perk, our staff cannot transfer or get rid of followers after they have been provided. Because you are the owner of the Instagram account, you can delete certain followers from your follower list by banning each person.
Whenever our technology detects a decrease, replenishment will be automatically added to your account within 24 hours.

Before making an order, you must ensure the following conditions are satisfied to guarantee a successful delivery.
Your Tiktok profile is now viewable by the public.
You have entered the right username for your Tiktok account.
Before fulfilling the transaction, you have not altered the username associated with your Instagram account.
The account or post may still be on the website since it has yet to be removed.
Because the video adheres to Instagram’s standards, it has not been deleted or restricted in any way.
Please allow twenty-four hours for the delivery of your completed purchase.
If you have encountered a problem with the delivery of your purchase, please contact our support staff for help by emailing

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Picture of Jen from Newcastle NSW

Jen from Newcastle NSW

Verified Graduate

Brilliant service

Brilliant service. You can trust epicfollowers. Boosting followers on Instagram and Facebook happened almost immediately. I hope this review helps someone out there as I did hours of research and I can now confirm that this company delivered exactly what they said they would.

Picture of GN


Verified Graduate

I have been using this service for few…

I have been using this service for few months now and it has been very good consistently. The after hour service is great when you need help. Customer service is efficient. The most important is they delivered what they promised and they never failed me. Highly recommend this provider you’ll have no regrets.

Picture of E Smith

E Smith

Verified Graduate

I used I am famous to boost my…

I used I am famous to boost my followers. I was happy with the service I received and how quickly they replied to my queries when I was unsure if something. Good communication and they promise on their delivery. Pretty reasonable pricing. I would recommend them.

Picture of Roberta Midori

Roberta Midori

Verified Graduate

Super happy with effectiveness and…

Super happy with effectiveness and quality of service.
Product was delivered fast and was legit. Finding it hard to find legit companies for this service, I was pleasantly surprised with how great these guys were.

Picture of Daniel Clifford

Daniel Clifford

Verified Graduate

Great Service and Friendly Support

I put in the wrong username in my order but they contacted me immediately and got the correct username of my account. They delivered the services within some minutes. The likes were instant. Their support is very friendly and cooperative. Of course I would recommend them to others.

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