If you are new in business and you have just started your blog or website you need a way to let others know that you exist. Instagram is a great source to use to do that. As of January 1, 2022, there were 645,750,000 registered users and 135,000 new users signing up every day. Many of them check to see what was posted first thing in the morning and all throughout the day. As a small business wouldn’t it be great if even just 1% of these users were signing in and taking note of your daily updates? That would be 6,457,500 consumers that know the address of your website or blog and tune into you daily.

Instagram has taken on popularity like wildfire and many businesses are using it to connect with customers and establish a brand. Perhaps you are reading this article because you agree that Posting your business website or blog is well worth the while and you want more people to view your Posts. Don’t worry you have accessed the right article. The aim of this article is to give suggestions that will help you increase the number of followers that you can Post to.

One thing that will increase your following is to create awesome content to Post. If you want people to follow you and repost you, then you have to give them a reason to do so. To beat a familiar drum, content is king. One word to the wise is to sprinkle your posts with inspirational quotes. Inspirational quotes are one type of content that has been shown to foster a high level of engagement. People really enjoy quotes and tend to share them often.

A second thing that will increase your following is to Post more often. Posting at least Post a day is the absolute minimum. The more you Post the more Buy Instagram Followers  UK  you will get. People like to follow people who Post often. If you feel that you don’t have time to Post then this is one of the times that it’s OK to multitask. You can Post while you are commuting, at the gym, or during commercials. If you find that you are too busy to Post during the peak times of the day then utilize software like Hootsuite which will allow you to schedule your posts ahead of time. The maximum amount of daily allowable Posts is 1,000 so Post as often as you can.

A third thing that you can do to increase the number of people who follow you is to follow people who share interests with you. Follow the people who follow those that follow you. They will oftentimes share the same interests that you have. Also, follow users who engage with your posts and repost. They will see that you have similar interests and may follow you.

A fourth thing that is done that can increase following is joining an Instagram chat. These are daily, weekly and bi-weekly chats that include people from various industries. Join one of these chats and become engaged in the conversation. This will allow you to meet new people as well as learn new information. You can find out what chats will be taking place and when by going to the Google  found at https://epicfollowers.co.uk/