I think that it is important to get “Quality” versus “Quantity” Instagram followers if you are marketing your business online. “Quality” Instagram followers have the same interest and audience you are targeting for your product or service. “Quantity” Instagram followers are any and every person that would follow you just because you are on Instagram. It’s been reported that only 3-5 % of your followers will click on any of the links you post on Instagram. People who are pro “Quantity” says that since this is the case, wouldn’t you want 3% of 1,000 Instagram followers versus 3% or 500 “Quality” followers to click on your link? In my opinion, I don’t see the point of having 3% of 1,000 Instagram followers go to my website if they are not interested in the product or service I am selling. I would rather have 3% of 500 quality followers go to my website because they are most likely to purchase something or be more interested in signing up for my newsletter at least.

Now, if you are with me and want “Quality” followers, there are many ways to accomplish this. Most ways are long and tedious. The quickest way I have found to add quality Instagram followers is through TweepML. TweepML allows people to make a list of fellow Instagram users in a group of the same interest.

For example, if you have a service or product that relates to being earth-friendly, then you can find a Green group on TweepML that has a list of all of the followers of the Green Instagram Group. You have the option to either click on a couple of people or one-click that follows everyone in that group. Those people may follow you back or you can send @replies to them about your service or product.

In addition, you can make your own list of people that share a common interest in your group. That is what I am going to do with this article. For each person that makes a comment on this article and types at the end of their comment their Instagram user name, I will add them to my list of “The Coolest Internet Business Owners To Follow”. Like-minded individuals will automatically follow you since you relate to them. How cool is that! So if anyone is interested, please leave their Instagram user name @_____ in your comments, you will be a part of the list of the “Coolest Internet Business Owners To Follow”.

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