Every day I think about building my list just a little bit bigger, what about you? Is it part of your daily method of operation? Most people I talk to and coach; problem #1 is they don’t have a plan at all. This is a disaster for your business. The hardest thing is to keep moving forward when the income isn’t being generated yet. But it is critical that you do, and equally important to be building a huge list, always thinking how I can increase Instagram followers UK every day.

The first step is you have to have clear vision for yourself, your business and drilling into it a little deeper, all the way to your social media accounts. Facebook puts limitations on you but the goal should be to get to 5000 friends, now by friends, I mean a laser beam targeted list who will want to do business with you. With Instagram it’s handled differently, they deal with ratios.

You are allowed to get to the 2000 number of following and followers with no problem, but once you hit the 2000 number things change, and you are kept to a 1.0-1.5 ratio of following to followers. This will really slow down your ability to Increase Instagram followers UK.

My suggestion with regards to Instagram is to outsource your Instagram accounts. Personally I have to much more valuable activities with regard to building my business. So what I did, was turn to Instagram software to manage all my accounts for me, that’s right I add about one per week, the goal is to get to 100,000 followers on my accounts combined. Not stopping until I do. Well not stopping period, I will just adjust the number once I hit that goal and always be looking for new ways to Increase Instagram  followers UK.

Bottom line is this, set goals for yourself, push your limits and never stop building your lists, it is like breathing, if you stop well we both know what happens. Increasing Instagram followers is a mandatory activity for all of my clients, and it should be for you as well. Check out our  blog for more great information including some great simple videos.