Instagram is, as you probably know, a hugely popular social network. One of the keys to being successful on Instagram is to have loads of followers. Although there are quite a few tricks to increasing your Instagram following there are also ways to gain followers organically.

What does gaining Instagram followers organically really mean? Well, it means getting followers without actively seeking them out. It means that the followers you acquire become choose to follow you because they want to.

Side note – There are quite a few tools on the market that promise to increase your following. However, their methods are often counterproductive in that they don’t get you, responsive targeted followers. And that’s the only kind of follower you should ever try to get.

The key to any web 2.0 endeavor is to provide only the highest quality to your audience. This rule applies to blogs, article directories, forums and yes, social networks like Instagram. If you are unable to provide quality people will steer clear of your contributions.

Look, I’m not exactly a celebrity. In spite of that, I have to build a following on Instagram of more than 3.600 people!

The fact is that this process is far from rocket science. Here’s the process I use.

  1. Find high-quality content (articles, videos, blog posts, etc.)
  2. Post a Post with a link to the content.
  3. Rinse and repeat

This is of course overly simplified, but if you constantly deliver high-quality content on Instagram the followers will come to you organically.

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