Social networks are a great way to make yourself heard. Every person in this world, regardless of where they live or what they do or how much they earn has something to contribute or say to society in general. The old man sleeping on the park bench has a perspective on life. Maybe it is miles away from what a penthouse dweller thinks. But it can be insightful to someone in this world. Yet this infinite wisdom is probably lost because it never reaches anyone. Kind of like someone who has no followers on Instagram.

You could be tweeting something profound 10 times a day, but where does it go if no one follows you? The answer is nowhere! So what is the use of having a Instagram account unless you have a following? Very desirable, you will say. But how do you get one? Can you weave a magic wand and get hundred people to follow you? No! the initial steps you take are very crucial since they set the tone for the rest.

Which line would you rather join? One that has punks and weirdoes, or one that has people you admire and look up to? When it comes to building a Instagram following, you need to take baby steps.

Here are some small steps you can take to get followers on Instagram –

1) Add your existing friends on Instagram and follow them. Choose people you are sure will follow you back. This should get you started with at least 2-5 followers. This is better than zero.

2) Establish your objective – advertising your business, promoting your products or services, promoting a cause, creating a support group – pick yours.

3) Select a few top leaders in your field. For a technology startup, this would be Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple etc. They probably won’t follow you back, but that’s ok. You are establishing your interest here.

4) Select eminent personalities, gurus or well known people you admire and follow them.

5) Select or search on top firms in your city or state doing the same thing you do. Follow them. These could be your peers or competitors.

By this time you could be following 50 people. Wait for 2-3 days and some of these might follow you back. Don’t lose heart if they don’t!

6) Search on things that interest you – city, state, profession, hobby etc. Read the bios of people and follow those you feel a connection with.

7) Now that you have a bunch of people you are following, we are going to dig deeper. Choose any leader, company, guru etc. that you follow. Click on their followers. In many cases, these could be in thousands, but that’s ok. Now start following some of these. Chances that they will follow you are slightly higher because you share some interests now and they will see it.

8) Repeat this process with every person that follows you. This will take time, but gradually you will be able to build a nice list of followers. This will not happen overnight!

So are you ready to Buy Instagram Followers UK? The next main task is to start talking to your followers. If you want to ‘Follow and Forget’, what is the use of having a Instagram profile anyway?

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