We have all fallen victim to this, it is like the feedburner issue of how many readers are following you, or how big your list is. But Twitter is a different beast all together. There is so much going on in there that it sometimes doesn’t matter how many people you have following you, what does it all mean?

For example I had an account that had over 30,000 people following it and you know what it was a test to see if spam would follow spam and guess what…it did. Follow every spammer that follows you and you have absolutely an amazing…pile of shit online. WOW that reeks. Just look at a lot of the people that did Twitter really well, they are purging their accounts. There is no real way to really follow all of those who follow you.

So how do you determine what Twitter followers mean to you?

This is a very tough question to answer because so many people are doing Twitter for so many different reasons. If you are trying to keep up with your industry peps then it is a good idea to just make sure that it means you are building relationships. Ones that you will able to build further when you attend the annual conferences. You will have a sense that you already know each other.

If on the other hand you are trying to build your following to bring people into your website, then there are many different reasons those Buy Twitter Followers UK might mean many different things to you.

  1. Building your SEO and links – by linking to your interesting blog or website.
  2. Buying products (honestly you should build the relationship first then direct to anything salesy).


Is that it doesn’t matter what, and how many people you have following you on Twitter, it matters what those people do with your information and what you deliver to the conversations happening.

I feel it much better to have a following of a couple thousand that really care about what you are saying and you can really have conversations with. Otherwise your tweets just go down the Twitter toilet with the toilet paper holding that fail whale.

Organizing the web and being able to process it all can be daunting. If you are wanting someone to wade through the junk to pick out the gold nuggets, then visit [http://epicfollowers.co.uk/].

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