Twitter is a rapidly spreading social media phenomenon. More and more folks are joining the twitterverse and it’s becoming a hugely popular tool for promotion and marketing as well as friendly networking with others across the globe. Twitter newbies always seem to be looking for ways to increase their following. I’m offering a tip for not only rapidly increasing your twitter following, but finding followers who share similar interests with you. This is important because these are followers who are more likely to pay attention to your tweets, click on your links, or buy your product.

Here’s the idea: Follow as many tweeps (twitter + peeps, I couldn’t resist) as possible. Many of the people you follow will kindly follow you back. But don’t follow just anyone. Follow those with similar interests as you. Here’s how you seek them out:

Use twitter search ( to search tweets for keywords. Search for words or phrases that you are personally interested. Band names, favorite books, favorite TV shows, website names, etc. Anyone who is tweeting about what you’re interested in, would be worth following and a valuable follower of your tweets and Buy Twitter Followers UK.

Here’s how to make this process easier and more effective. Use RSS to continuously find relevant people to follow on Twitter. When you do a search on Twitter, click on “Feed for this query” in the upper right corner of the screen. Add this search result to your RSS feed reader. My feed reader of choice is Google Reader.

You can do this for several keyword searches. One way is to search for multiple keywords and grab the RSS feed for that twitter search. Another way is to add several feeds to your RSS reader, each for a different keyword. In Google Reader, you could group several feeds into a folder. Then view all of the feeds in that folder at once to see a nicely mixed list of relevant people to follow on Twitter.

Remember, it’s not about how many twitter followers you have. It’s how many relevant twitter follows you have!

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