Lots of business people use Instagram but no one has really been answering the question how you make your Instagram following more responsive to your offers.

After all if you just spend your time and have and amass a horde of Instagram followers but they do not do any of your bidding than you are just wasting your time. It is just an ego thing how many followers you have while others have less right?

So the question is how do you make them more responsive to your offers?

Instagram, after all, is not the ideal medium to promote online stuff.

Now why is that?

Most people get on Instagram to get entertainment and to be titillated and to be distracted from real life. So how do you handle and how do you utilize that energy that they have to actually do your bidding?

One of the things that I have come up with is that I prune Buy  Instagram followers UK. I use a software or a service called Tweet Spinner and I mostly use it to pare down my followers to the ones that actually are active.

Lots of people may sign up to your list but they never Post and they never do anything, they just sit there and that is not good for you. You’ll want to be able to have a tight little close-knit community.

You also don’t want to have the people that Post every five minutes, they have automated Post posting  their own stuff because they tire out your audience.

So what do you want? You want people who, just like you, Post once or twice a day, who Post content and who will Post links and who are going to use Instagram ethically and increase the energy that’s in your Instagram.

So that’s move number one that I do.

The second move: I word my Post in a way that they are benefit oriented or interesting and I can get about 100 clicks out of a group of a few thousand people which is very high.

What are they going to do after they click? They’re going to the page that you send them.
Are they going to do something there? Well my experience is no, they are not going to do anything there but they are going to click to go there. So what I normally do: I use this energy and these clicks to buy me something which means I don’t expect a second click I expect only the first click which means I don’t expect them to subscribe and I don’t expect them to buy something.

I could expect them to participate in some giveaway or some contest but I haven’t tried that yet, but can imagine that it would be a valid way to go.

What I normally do is I participate in Ad Swaps. In Ad Swap what decides if a transaction was a good transaction or a bad transaction is how many clicks you send, not how many people are on your list but how many clicks you send.

So in addition to sending somebody else’s promotion to my actual mailing list I also send it out a few times a day to my Instagram followers and this way I consistently get higher click numbers in my swaps without actually giving away my best email followers and exposing them to other people’s products.

I have had to train my Instagram followers to actually be able to get 2-300 clicks in a day.

You can spin your Post on Posting  Spinner, and that’s what I do. That way you post the spun  and schedule it to go out every 3-4 hours.

In this article I’ve showed you how I made Buy Instagram followers UK more responsive to my commands, how I use it.

Sophie Benshitta Maven is an award winning architect, a mindset coach and an internet marketing mentor. She specializes in taking beginners by the hand and taking them to where they have a stable business structure in the correct sequence and they can count on making a steady income from their efforts.