Social medias are on top of the most influencing and indispensable medias today. Even if you are just starting your business and you are still an absolute beginner, you should have heard everyone talking about their importance. But why, regardless the type of your business, you also should seriously consider putting your brand on the SM sphere?

1- Gainning a maximum exposure:

Most recent statistics shows that average Internet users spend around five hours daily on sites like Facebook! That’s your target clients base who is there standing waiting for you to approach them. Ensuring maximum social media presence will guarantees you meet your potential clients in the place where they prefer being virtually.

2- Spreading the word, virally:

The most powerful element of all social medias is their viral structure, elements (picture, article, video…) you submit to any social media will spread through it when your fans/friends/followres will share it and pass it on to their fans/friends/followers. This caracterestic of social medias will enable you to spread the word about your business in an exponential way while doing the minimum effort.

Note: The viral aspect won’t work for itself, you need to make sure that what you share has a good perceived value otherwise no one will share it.

3- Optimizing your branding:

Having a good social media presence will enable you to create a more humain face for your brand. It’s easier to communicate the values of your brands when the connection you have with your market is humain and social and not purely professional and commercial. People don’t buy what you sell but who you are and what you represents for them! Use the social medias to tell them who you are and make them inspired.

4- Generating high quality traffic, on demand:

Having a huge friends/fans/followers base make it easy for you to generate high quality traffic and on demand.

– High quality traffic:

People won’t follow, connect, or fan of your business unless they consider what you do and what you sell interesting. The most part of your social media base is comprised of people who are ready to buy from you, they are potential leads! People that are interested on your products or/and likes your brand inspirations are high quality leads!

– On demand traffic:

How would you do to generate traffic to your business? How can make noise about a promotion you have? Without social media, you will probably need to invest on a pay per click compaign to bring that traffic, or may be you will consider placing some banners on websites that has your target as audience… And you will need to do it each time you want some traffic to your website!!

Growing a big and solid social media audience (friends, followers, fans…) will give the great opportunity to make traffic whenever you want. You just need to tell them what you have got for them in a an attractive way. And this is as simple as sending a tweet, a message on Facebook, or a newsletter…

Note: I suppose here that you already have a big social media audience. Saying that bringing traffic is easy doesn’t mean that building this base is also easy!

5- Improving your quality, now you can:

Having a big community (friends, followers, subscriber, fans…) gives you the possibility to gather feedbacks and reviews about your business. This very valuable information is crucial in order for you to understand more your clients and work effectively to deliver to them the quality they expect and deserve.