Part one of this two-part article series reviewed the way Twitter can be a useful business tool for anyone who wishes to build a business or personal brand. Having opened a Twitter account, it’s important to be strategic in your selection of username and those you follow. A keyword-appropriate username and the appropriate follows help you to align yourself with your niche community.

In an online setting, people need to have information about you that will help them assess whether or not you are a person they want to know. They need to feel they can trust you and that they like you. Without this rapport, they will not engage with you. Yet too many people still set up Twitter accounts without photographs or biographical details and wonder why they have few followers.

This second article looks at how you build on this positioning by creating compelling profile that appeals to your community and makes it an easy decision to choose to follow you. Although one can choose to follow an account without an invitation, there is no compulsion for that account to follow you in return.

To encourage people to follow you in return, you have to make your profile stand out and encourage trust. The more information you can provide the easier it will be for potential customers to get to know you. Your headline is the opportunity to explain yourself and your business within 160 characters. You can also upload your photo and a link to a destination site.

It is possible to set up auto-follow mechanisms which means that whenever someone follows you, your Twitter account will automatically follow them back. The disadvantage of this system is that you will follow people who may not be part of your target community. Keep a close eye on your following list and immediately disassociate yourself from spammers and offensive content providers by” un-following” them.

If the people you follow have auto-follows set up then your Buy Twitter Followers UK  list will start to grow. It also means that if you chose to “un-follow” them at a later point, your follower number will also diminish. In the longer-term, it is better to grow your follower list without automation – a strong profile, relevant tweets and a good reputation within your niche will attract more committed followers who pro-actively decide to follow you.

To help you build up your follower numbers, Twitter offers you the option to follow other Tweeters that they think are appropriate to your profile. They base this partly on the keywords such as your location and profession, as well as your profile’s keywords and your tweets. Since you want to develop a following of the “right” people for your business and brand your profile must be keyword-friendly so the suggestions are relevant.

If the suggestions meet your criteria of selection then follow them. Over time, you’ll begin to see that you and your followers are following similar people. The higher the number of mutual followings, the more closely you’re embedding yourself within your target community.

Your choice of words in your headline will give a very important first impression. Be aware of the consequences of your selection – are you including keywords that people use in searches? People make their choices within seconds – if there is no picture, no biography, or a biography that doesn’t appeal, they simply won’t bother to connect.

You need to make it very easy for someone to see what you offer them to make the association with you of value. Take time to look at people’s headlines and observe your reactions on reading them. What headlines make you think that an individual is worth following and what makes you think that they are not?

An accountant who decides to follow a provocative comedian or an outspoken and controversial politician or celebrity risks alienating potential Buy Twitter Followers UK. On the other hand, these followers could be a good fit for the overall brand identity that an artist/creative individual has created for themselves. For the accountant, it would risk reputation and professionalism, for the creative, there’s a sense of transferred talent or celebrity by association.

If this is an account that you’ll use for business purposes, remember the balance between providing the human touch and being overly personal. Does your potential follower want to know you’re single, newly divorced, or happily married? Does it add to your professional value or offering? Will your niche like or loathe your choice of music or political affiliation – is it relevant to the service or product you can offer them?

If you refer to your religion or political views in your headline you may either draw in like-minded individuals or repel them. If you proclaim yourself to be a “visionary” or “guru”, “nerd”, “on a subject will people feel more confident or think you’re arrogant or someone with inept social skills…?

Given the huge significance of your headline, take time to really consider what is appropriate. While you want to retain your authentic voice, avoid being over- smart or funny – it may backfire against you if your target audience are not impressed with your wit & humour. Ultimately, you need to make it clear that you are a friendly, approachable individual, with skills & knowledge that you are happy to share.Reinforce your headline with an equally appropriate and professional photograph. Use the same photo image on all your online social media platforms to build up consistency and recognition. Pictures of you at your wedding, at a party, or on the beach won’t sit well against a business brand that reflects professionalism and stability – save it for Facebook or other private, non-professional channels.Finally, include a link to a destination site which can go into more detail and provide more information about what you do and what you offer. This can be your main website, your blog, your YouTube channel or LinkedIn/Facebook page.

The key aspect of a compelling profile is the ease with which a prospective Buy Twitter Followers UK can see what you do and what value you offer. On looking at your profile, they want to see a consistent brand – professional and inappropriate tweets that reflect the professionalism of your photograph and the promise implied in your headline offering. If they can see like-minded people following you, and preferably people they are connected to themselves, they will be more inclined to follow you too.

Sumi Olson (author of the Amazon five-star rated, “How to Manage Your Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes A Day”), is an author, speaker, diamond-rated article writer, consultant and trainer on social media, content creation strategies, and business development.

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