Leadership is about influencing others to follow you so that the goals of an organization can be accomplished. Some followers love to follow particular leaders, while some leaders lose followers at an alarming rate. There must be something that the first leaders are doing that can be emulated. Similarly, there are some things that the latter leaders are doing or are not doing that are contributing to fallout.

Commitment to the Lord
This first principle relates to Christian organizations. One of the things that makes Buy Instagram Followers UK love to follow is a deep sense of devotion to the Lord. In a church setting, pastors have a responsibility to disciple – to help believers become like Christ. The primary result of discipleship is a reverential love for God. When this love is cultivated, believers want to do things out of a commitment to God. People can be committed to an organization or even to a leader, but real progress happens when people are committed to the Lord.

Loved by the Leader
Another thing that helps followers to be good followers who serve the organization is the feeling that they are loved by the leader. This is particularly important in Christian organizations. Jesus made it clear that the primary attribute of a disciple is love for others. The old maxim that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care is instructive. Love is a powerful motivator that can work in any environment. This isn’t a mushy type of sentimentality, but simply communicating to others that they are valuable and that we care about their welfare. It has to do with having a right view of people contrasted to a functional view of people that sees them as statistics or means to an end. What can help is knowing persons’ love language. Gary Chapman indicates that there are five basic love languages: gifts, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service and quality time.

Genuine Respect
A genuine respect for and solicitation of followers’ opinions will excite individuals about following. This fosters a sense of partnership and ownership. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling that your superior is not interested in your perspective. People who are doing the job are often most familiar with what needs to be done. Poor managers tend to overlook the wisdom of these workers. This serves to alienate followers and may kill their enthusiasm for the job. Good leaders take the time to talk to followers and encourage them to be innovative and to take reasonable risks. They learn to trust the judgment of their followers and give them room to make some mistakes.

Developing Gifts and Potential
Leaders can also actively develop followers’ gifts and potential beyond the requirements of the job. One way that this can be done is through training. Human Resource managers are increasingly recognizing the difference that training can make to competitive advantage. In other words, more skilled employees can considerably improve the bottom line. This creates a win-win situation – a viable company and satisfied employees.

Cross training is also something that leaders should consider. Again this benefits the company, but it also helps employees to explore exciting new possibilities. Assessments/evaluations should be conducted periodically. This helps to determine the strengths and weaknesses of employees. Strengths can be complimented and weaknesses can be worked on. Strengths and weaknesses should consider both the work and characteristics of the employee. Progressive leaders should encourage their followers to further their education. Some leaders have the fear that their followers will leave them for “greener pastures.” Even if that were the case, that’s not important. Successful companies and organizations are known for developing their workers, and they always manage to attract new persons.

Adequate Reward and Compensation
The Bible says that money answers all things. A good way to motivate and excite followers is to offer adequate rewards and compensation. In a volunteer organization, different forms of reward will have to be used. Compensation is one of the things that workers are very interested in. Employers need to consider the market and see what comparable positions are paying. This would of course depend on the financial capacity of the company, but employers need to make sure that salaries are on par. One of the things that de-motivates employees is knowing that they are underpaid.

If you can’t pay the full amount that a worker should be paid, then you have to ensure that you have other ways of rewarding the employee. Companies can have various incentives and bonuses. Some employers offer insurances and pensions; some offer stock options and investment packages. Companies can offer raises based on performance. Then of course there are other types of rewards that may be non-monetary such as personal days, plaques, certificates, newspaper advertisements and employee of the year awards. The limits are simply based on your creativity.

A Healthy Work Environment
People do not like to work in a problematic, dysfunctional environment. Such environments leave people feeling miserable and stressed – no wonder a lot of attention is being paid to non-communicable diseases. Leaders need to ensure that they are creating healthy work environments where people genuinely want to be. A healthy work environment is one in which everyone is treated with respect. It is a positive environment where employees are motivated to perform.

Healthy work environments are characterized by communication: people are comfortable talking to each other and can relate positively up and down the organizational ladder. Conflicts are resolved in a manner that is prompt, decisive and fair. There is also a strong spirit of cooperation, where employees collaborate rather than compete against each other. In a healthy work environment, there is a commitment to problem solving and to coming up with creative ways of accomplishing tasks. There are other things that could be added, but it is enough to say that Buy Instagram Followers UK love to follow when the environment is positive.

Moving Forward
Followers love to follow when they have a firm conviction that things are moving forward. Followers love to know that an organization has vision and is making strident steps to accomplish the vision. Vision is not simply having good ideas. Vision is something that motivates definite actions with definite results. People want to feel significant and therefore want to be part of an organization that is committed to significance, to making a mark and difference in the world. Too many leaders are guilty of inertia: they do little and accomplish little; they talk a big talk but deliver nothing worth noting. To move an organization forward, leaders must have vision and the must understand and be committed to the mission of the organization. Moving forward involves setting goals, developing strategic plans, ensuring that things get done and evaluating them to make sure that targets are being reached.

Many followers join an organization with a sense of enthusiasm. They are optimistic about the possibilities and the prospects of the organization. However this enthusiasm can wane rapidly if leaders don’t know how to harness such power. Study your followers and talk to them to find out what motivates them. Someone would say “get into their heads.” Whatever you call it, ensure that your followers love to follow and serve the goals of the organization. Without that buy-in, you will simply have Buy Instagram Followers UK who are marking time, and it’s only a matter of time before they move on.