I decided to invest a substantial amount of time researching Twitter because I knew I could be getting more benefit from Twitter than I was receiving. I knew I could get more twitter followers to learn from and share with in the Twitter community.

First I learned about HootSuite dot com, which is a great FREE Twitter software tool that allows you to post not only to Twitter but you can add Facebook, LinkedIn and Ping.fm. Have you ever visited Ping.fm? Their service allows you to create 30 social network and social bookmarking accounts and link Ping to them so you can create one post that will go to all those sites automatically.

Once you have your social networking and bookmarking accounts created you can then link your Hootsuite account to Ping.fm, which will allow you to make one post in Hootsuite, which will allow you to create many posts and then schedule them to be sent out in the future. These are great tools to get started in Twitter but there are some flaws.The biggest flaw to me is that you can get a lot of people to follow you, build a Twitter community and do it semi-automatically but how do you un-follow people? When you add people that do not want to follow you back you may want to remove them from your list. If you have ever tried you know it is probably a project you never completed, at least I didn’t. This is when I looked into Twitter Marketing Software that would automate many of the Twitter tasks.

The benefits of software for Twitter are numerous and I will list them. I can’t tell you which is the best Cheap Twitter Followers UK but I will give you a list of the features that I think are necessary.

How to find Targeted Cheap Twitter Followers UK
Look for software that will allow you to search for the right followers by keywords, profile data, location or who they are following or who is following them.

Export/Import Options
I learned a long time ago to make sure easy backup options are programmed in to the software or in the worst case, the back up is locating an XML file that is easy to locate and save to a folder on your computer.

Add New Twitter Followers
Adding new people you want to follow should be as easy as clicking one button to send a number of tweets and better yet, there is an option in the program to automate all your follows so you don’t even have to do this part. Make sure it is Twitter auto follow software.

Unfollowing Twitter Accounts
As I mentioned before if you have ever tried to determine which accounts you want to unfollow because they are not reciprocating the follow you know it is very tedious and not worth the time you would have to invest. The software you get should perform this task automatically. When I set up my software to do this I was amazed, I was able to sit back and watch all the tasks performed automatically. The software I use even allows you to set a time limit in days for people to follow you back or the program automatically unfollows the Cheap Twitter Followers UK. Sweet.

A good program will have a safelist that will enable you to make a list of people that would not get unfollowed in case a mistake is made during operation.

Being able to automate your messages is a big time saver. This means when someone follows you your software will automatically send him or her a “thank you for the follow” message. You can also use the message option to broadcast a message to all of your twitter followers. If you think you will need to attach files or music make sure you have that option in the software that you purchase.

Make sure the Twitter desktop software that you purchase will allow you to set up your tweets and post them automatically to your Twitter wall. Being able to load your tweets from a file is invaluable as well as being able to export your list. There are strategies to using different lists on a rotation to keep your content fresh for your followers. Strategy is a whole other topic that I will cover in the future. Some Twitter software will allow you to post your tweets from your list and remove them as they are posted on a pre-determined schedule or you may be able to set the program to post your tweets in random order and then to be deleted as they are tweeted or to have the list keep rotating. This way you could have a list posting all day for you automatically.
Of course the software should also allow you to manually post tweets to your Twitter account.

The Twitter software you choose should also have the option to set up automatic replies to people that Tweeted you.

Mac Compatible
Not all Twitter applications are Mac compatible so if you work on a Mac this is an important detail. I operate on a Mac so I did have to find Twitter software for Mac.

Conclusion: If you are serious about building a large and solid Twitter community you need to find the right automated Twitter software for you.