Twitter allows you to do many things like find jobs, market yourself, make new friends and spread the news about your new company. But the most important pat of Twitter is its 140 character tweet that decided how many Twitter followers you get.

Everyone wants to amass the maximum number of followers. Some new websites provide Twitter marketing service like the ones that literally buy you Twitter followers. That might sound easy and tempting, but you might actually want to earn you own Twitter followers with your smart and witty tweets.

Here are some tricks which are effective and help you to get more followers.

Topics are of great significance when it comes to tweets. You just have 140 characters to catch attention, captivate another Twitter user and ensure they revisit your home profile page. That means the tweet must be one that is either in current news and everyone’s busy blogging about or it has to be enjoyable, funny and grab your attention and stick in your mind for a very long time. A tweet that encourages a comment, the opinion of the Twitter follower is the one that gets you more followers.

To get the knack of writing such tweets, visit tweets that are popular and have gained tremendous Twitter followers. Observe what is unique about the tweet. Is it the language that is snappy and crisp? Is the tweet on a subject that is a current topic? Practice writing such tweets on similar subjects. Remember those Twitter followers who have followed that particular tweet will be keen on other tweets of the same subject. Try tweeting your own on a related subject and wait to watch if they follow. Some will definitely follow.

Another sure trick to get more followers to your profile page is to pick out those followers who are going to be revisiting and following you. It’s not difficult to find them because they have the same interest and are worth tweeting. Tweet on the topics that interest them for a start. Learn why they have followed that particular tweet. Follow them and a few are sure to follow you back.

One of the most proactive tricks to get more followers is by joining in on conversations and discussions with Twitter users who have similar interest like you. Comment and give your views and perspectives. Make them lucid and crisp. Even if they are a bit controversial, it will do to initiate a response. At the end of the day its how you get more followers and this is the way to go.

Here are some tricks which are effective and help you to get more get more Twitter followers. Another sure trick to BUY  Twitter Followers UK to your profile page is to pick out those twitter followers who are going to be revisiting and following you.